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Skype Resolver Tool Online:

Skype Resolver is a useful tool developed by Free Skype Resolver team. Through this tool, you can resolve any kind of issues related to Skype such as, IP resolver, Email Resolver, Skype ip finder, skype grabber and much more. Through this tool, you can get information about any Skype ID.

skype resolver
skype resolver

How Skype Resolver Works?

This tool works really simple. You have to select the option that what you want to resolve. After that enter the ‘Skype Username‘ and Click on Resolve Now.

After that our system will take sometime to process it and finally you will receive a detailed report such as  Geo location of the ID, region, country, city, Internet Service Provider, latitude, longitude and much more.

What Else we can find through Skype Resolve Tool?

Well though this tool, you will be able to find:

  • Skype resolver for free
  • Accurate Skype ip resolver
  • Skype IP of a user
  • You can resolve IP address
  • You can find ip of a skype
  • Skype ip finder
  • Skype ddos
  • Skype grabber
  • Skype ip grabber
  • Skype ip address
  • IP to skype

Welcome to the advanced Skype Resolver Tool by freeskyeresolver. If you want to get the complete user details of any Skype ID, then you must use our tool because it is fast, free and accurate. Our tool provides a detailed report of any skype id which includes the Geolocation of user, region, country, city, Internet Service Provider, latitude, longitude and much more.

Simply type in the skype id of any person and select the service that you want to use for free. At the current moment, we are offering different types of services. So before using this tool, you must read what each of this free online service provides.

Skype to IP

It’ll not only show you the IP, but also the detail such as Geolocation of User IP, City, Region, Country/ Code, Internet Service Provider (ISP), Latitude and Longitude.

IP to Skype

It works as a reverse resolver. You can find the Skype username via searching the IP address.

Email to Skype

If you’ve an email of the user, but he is not responding to your messages. Then you can get the Skype username of him via using this feature.

Skype to Email

Same goes for this one, it’ll give you the email of the user.

Database Lookup

Currently our database has millions of user’s record. So, if you’ve tried all the above and nothing works for you, then you might try this one.

If you are facing any issue during process of resolving, please comment below.

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