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WELCOME TO FREE SKYPE RESOLVER is a website that has lot of different tools to resolve all kind of your Skype Issues. We have quality tools that can help you to resolve your problem within few seconds by adding your information like Skype username, Skype IP to this tool.

skype resolver
skype resolver

We have different tools like:

  • Skype Resolver
  • Skype Resolver 2017
  • Skype Resolve beta (Best Resolver in 2017)
  • Skype ip finder
  • Skype ip resolver
  • Skype grabber
  • Email IP resolver
  • Skype Email finder
  • Email to ip resolver
  • Skype resolver online 20107
  • DDOS skype resolver
  • Skype Email Resolver
  • What is my skype ID
  • Skype to IP

We are not limited here. We have bunch of upcoming tools that will help you to use skype without any problem. These tools will be executable on your computer devices and then you can resolve by entering the required information to this.


Skype IP Resolver – Free Skype Resolver were first introduced onto the internet in early 2016,this was a way to gain someone IP address no matter where they were from in the world. This meant that you were not safe when using Skype to a certain point. People took this as a advantage and was not long before people created scripts that were available on the internet.

Skype Grabber 2.0 – Skype Resolver

Skype grabber 2.0 is the one of the most finest and working resolver tool till now. Through this tool, you can find someone Skype IP Address, Resolve IP address and Locate someone IP address fast and quick. This tool is integrated with the API of Skype and it gets all the information from their database to show you on the front.


If you are unable to resolve a Skype IP Address now there is a pretty good reason why. With Microsoft now has gone on board with Skype, they have created a way so users now can not resolve a Skype IP address. There are many users still that have old accounts, so most resolver will still works with the old database. In fact its estimated Millions of people are still on the old data base for Skype and there will never be a patch for that version. One day someone may find a way for the new Microsoft Skype until then coders will always be working a way around it.